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Freddie T. And The People

Members: Fred Erskine, Josh McKinney, Andrew Greenburg, David Harris, Bret Reyburn, Dino Maglinte, Ben Traub, Brian Hoover, Mina Keohane


Songwriter and bandleader Fred Erskine (guitar, vocals) has made a career of being in bands you may have seen live or whose records you may have bought, including : Hoover, June of 44, The Crownhate ruin, The Boom, Abilene, and Just a Fire. He has also jammed with or played on records by Make Up, Trans Am, Him, and the Sorts, to name a few. The People (Josh McKinney, guitar; Andrew Greenburg, bass; Dino Maglinte, drums; Matt Chandler, trumpet; Bret Reyburn, trumpet) are all seasoned musicians who have made a career of playing shows you may not have seen and making records you probably haven’t bought, but should have. The music of Freddie T. and The People is, “gritty, bulldog soul” (Rivierfront Times), an upbeat take on rock and classic rhythm and blues. Fred writes songs about working hard at work and at home, as a husband and father. The songs avoid the cliché of the world-weary musician, and rather provide a soundtrack for long summer nights of back yard grilling with friends and loved ones. These are desperate songs with a shout of promise for the future.

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