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Form Of Rocket

Members: Gentry Densly,Ben Dodds, Peter MaKowski, Curtis Jensen, Tyler Smith


Collectively, they are known as Form of Rocket. Their bottom line is to tread the thin line between being driven and pushing each other musically to create something of value and not taking themselves too seriously. They tend toward hard-hitting, heavy, sometimes sadistic, indie-geek rock. It could be said that the band operates as two teams that make the whole. On one team, dueling guitars fluctuate between laying down almost Iron Maiden type riffs, to hard-hitting chops that accentuate angular bass grooves. On the other team, the drums and bass strive to create a bulletproof mid-range and low-end intended to kill the listeners.

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Distributed by Stickfigure (USA), Stiff Slack (Japan), The Orchard (Digital)

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