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Form And Mess

Members: Kevin Shea, Nick Mellevoi, George Draguns

Form and Mess is a trio like none other.  Although their footprint could be described as coming from the world of rock music (electric guitar, bass, drums) the sound and ideas presented create a much more intricate and vibrant landscape, that ping pongs between math rock, free (and not-free) jazz, noise, avant-guard, metal, experimental, etc. It’s the type of thing that could fly off the handle at any moment, yet because of the sheer talent, precision and control of the members, it never loses its grip. 

Despite each member’s long pedigree of musical accomplishments, both within and outside the establishment and academia, there is a natural, almost effortless, quality to the music.  But it’s definitely not laid back or unstudied in any way.   Kevin Shea (drums) and George Draguns  (bass) met 20 years ago, and played music together (along with Ian Williams of Don Caballero) in the  original incarnation of the critically acclaimed band, Storm & Stress. Meanwhile Nick Millevoi (Guitar) was building his own chops, constantly collaborating on countless improv sessions, working with his band, Many Arms (Tzadik), and in various duos and trios with a wide array of well-known composers. The three came together when Kevin and Nick started playing together and George was invited in to create the present lineup.  According to him, the sparks started flying instantly:

Nick and I got together I think three times before we booked the studio and ran through three songs before we dropped them on Kevin.  We booked the studio on a Saturday and the rehearsal spot for the Friday before that.  That was our first practice.  That was all we needed because we were all ripping up the songs.  The next day in the studio was even better. Nick brought the fire, I brought the kerosene and Kevin brought the fuel!  Kaboom!!! 40+ minutes of organized explosions resulted in the 6 hour session at Seizure’s Palace. On the drive back, Nick and I listened back to the rough mixes while watching the electrical storms in the distance light up the sky.  It was the perfect visual to the Form and Mess album.

Sick Room is honored to be realizing and immortalizing this ephemeral, instantaneous glimmer of soul-light upon a limited edition of 500 LPs, mastered by Bob Weston at Chicago Mastering Service, and we are pleased to present this project to its rightful audience. 

Form And Mess
Form And Mess

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