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Drums And Tuba

Members: Brian Wolff, Tony Nozero, Nick McKeeby


Physicists concur that, at its beginning, the entire universe, all distance and matter, was compressed into a single, infinitesimal point. Everything was compacted so tightly that it was impossible for the three physical dimensions of our common experience to even exist. But, what about the fourth dimension, that of time? Imagine taking time, in its linear form, and being able to smash it all together, creating some sort of fuzzy, tangled web of experience. The past, present and future would twist around each other. Instead of each moment of our lives being laid out like ducks in a row, every instant would become a jumping off point for a myriad of possibilities. What would this sound like? Over eight years, through endless tours, and with six full length albums and two EPs under their collective astro-belts, Drums & Tuba have created history by reinventing history. This trio of Tony Nozero (drums, electronics), Brian Wolff (tuba, trumpet), and Neal McKeeby (Guitar) combine a range of diverse musical styles and create something all their own. The throbbing tuba rhythm brings to mind the era of the old time New Orleans brass band. The guitar and drum interplay provide a majestic rock and roll groove, and the various electronic elements bring the compositions into the computer age and beyond. All in all these two tracks are shining examples of work from a venerable and utterly unique band that is truly at the top of their game. Sick Room Records is pleased to be able to present this to awaiting audiences.

Drums And Tuba
El Tubador/The Peleton

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