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Detective Instinct

Members: Oli Heffernan, Mike Watt, GW Sok, Jad Fair, etc.


Started in 2008 as both a way of dealing with a break-up and to use up material that didn’t fit in with any of his bands, Oli Heffernan (Year Of Birds/King Champion Sounds) contacted some of his friends and asked them to add vocals to a few instrumental tracks he had recorded, with a view to releasing a few singles and nothing more. The sound of these tracks is a medley of home-brewed electronics, first wave UK post-punk and a ramshackle take on early 70s krautrock. Heffernan acts as the co-ordinator and song writer while the vocal contributions come from Mike Watt (Minutemen/Stooges), Jad Fair (Half Japanese), GW Sok (The Ex/King Champion Sounds), Kevin Branstetter (Trumans Water), Karen Schoemer (Journalist/Writer), Jim Putnam (Radar Brothers)' Danielle Johnson (Year Of Birds/King Champion Sounds) and Jimmy McGee (The Bobby McGees) These resulting tracks have a huge scope but retain the cohesion of any band or group. 

6 years later and the project is still ongoing with no signs of letting up. The collective have so far released four 7” singles (Simultaneously released on Sickroom Records in 2009), an LP ('History of Headaches/American Novels' – 2011), a Christmas LP (Released on Ack! Ack! Ack! Records in 2012) and two more 7” EPs (both with Mike Watt and Karen Schoemer on Third Uncle Records in 2013) and are gearing up to release the sophomore LP 'Black Floral' on Sickroom Records this Summer.

Detective Instinct
Black Floral

Detective Instinct
Detective Instinct Presents #4: Jimmy Magee

Detective Instinct
Detective Instinct Presents #3: GW Sok

Detective Instinct
Detective Instinct Presents #2: Mike Watt

Detective Instinct
Detective Instinct Presents #1: The Champagne

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