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Cheval De Frise

Members: Thomas Bonvalet, Vincent Beysselance


Instrumental music duo created by Vincent Beysselance and Thomas Bonvalet, Cheval de Frise was noticed everywhere in the French underground circuit as soon as their debut LP was released. Emerging from the Bordeaux rock scene, the two musicians found the opportunity to tour in a more important circuit, thanks to their album. Being on Sonore, the label of Franck Stofer, the ex-drummer of Belly Button, they immediately were to be noticed. But, the eponymous album, recorded in 2000, is not only original but also cranky and innovative. Drums and electro-acoustic guitar are united in the compositions and create a baroque universe, something between experimental music and primitive noisy rock. The band is closed in the spirit to the instrumental experience of Don Caballero, even though their music is not based on rock riffs, but on decomposed melodies.

Cheval De Frise
Cheval De Frise

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